December 2023: Publication of 4 articles in the journal: Beiträge zur allgemeinen und vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft / Contributions to General and Comparative Linguistics. Issue 12 (2023). See Details under “Outcomes” on the GerCoLiNet-website.

8 June 2022: MA Students and PhD Study Day in European networking + Staff Meeting at the Charles University in Prag (coordination: UNIMI + UCPH + CU) Korpuslinguistik im Deutschen und im Sprachvergleich.

13 – 15 January 2022 : Winter School in WarsawLexicology and Lexicography in Practice in European Comparison: Theory and Empiricism in German and Comparative Languages”
University of Warsaw, Warsaw
GerCoLiNet_Winter School Warsaw Jan 2022: programme

8 – 10 Juli 2021: Summer school in Paris “Potential of European corpora for linguistic questions: Theory – Methodology – Applications“.
Sorbonne, Salle des Actes
Summer School_Paris_Programme
Research Discussion Groups – Harmonogram
Report of the Summer School in the Newsletter of Sorbonne University (13th July 2021)

8 June 2021: Online Workshop “Introduction to corpus linguistics” (Organization Carolina Flinz & Fabio Mollica, University of Mailand)
Programme and Informations